Tanbacounda Senegal

Indigenous Missionaries

What is an Indigenous Missionaries (Native ministry leaders)?

Indigenous Missionaries are Missionaries suited to local culture and led by local Christians. Missionaries provide teaching and pastoral care

Most native ministry leaders are dedicated to God and are well versed in the Scriptures. For one thing, they already know about these peoples' customs and beliefs since they had come from similar backgrounds. And being familiar with these ancient idols and practices, they are able to confront each one and replace it with the truth in the Bible and with a burning zeal for the lost; they often suffer great hardship, risking life and personal welfare to preach the Gospel to their own people. They have learned by experience to depend completely on the Lord

when they have very little food to share or for any of their other needs. Many of them are being persecuted daily and even their children are discriminated against. But in the midst of these trials, they continue to care deeply for their co-workers, as well as serving the very people who persecute them. .

We are at Global Missions International recognizes the worth and usefulness of this great body of native believers and seeks to provide the training and financial support necessary for them to reach their own people.


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